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SBC was founded in 1952 by the late Satmar Rebbitzen Feigy Teitelbaum, of blessed memory, in Mrs. Kahan’s kitchen.   Satmar was then a small community, most of whom were refugees from the Holocaust, many having lost their families at Auschwitz.   What started out in that kitchen has grown to be a major component of the Jewish social service safety net that the entire Jewish community takes for granted.  

These weren’t ladies of leisure and there wasn’t time for meetings to come up with a motto. But when the time the first phone call was answered with “Satmar Bikor Cholim, Ken’ Ich Helfen? (can I help you?), the phrase stuck.  It has served as their guide ever since. 

How Can We Help You?

At first Rebbitzen Tietelbaum and Mrs. Kahan cooked all the meals and brought them via subway to the hospitals of Manhattan.  In those days they would also feed the patients.  With time others volunteered, and the mission expanded to provide food for family members as well.



Donations may be earmarked for any one of these areas and may also be given in honor or in memory of loved ones.



Opportunities for volunteering are available for men, women, and young adults, and our coordinators will work with you to find specific opportunities that are tailored to your individual talents and time-tables.